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Keller wins Hartland School Board recount

Poll workers retallied votes for the nine candidates for Hartland Consolidated Schools Board of Education. 

Two candidates— incumbent Michelle Hemeyer and Clean Slate challenger Greg Keller— each received 5,264 votes in the November 8th election. Per Michigan election law, a tiebreaker drawing was held, and Hemeyer was declared the winner, having drawn the paper that said ‘elected’. 

Keller filed a petition for a recount on November 18th, which led to Hemeyer filing an objection on the 23rd, on the grounds that a recount would cost the county anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

Over 16,000 ballots from 22 precincts were recounted by poll workers, with teams of challengers representing Hemeyer and Keller observing and overseeing the procedure. 

The ten-hour recount process found an additional 98 votes distributed among the nine candidates. 

An additional six were given to Hemeyer, while an additional 25 went to Keller, giving him an 18-vote lead. 

The initial results for each candidate compared to the recount tally

The Board of Canvassers confirmed the recount and certified that Keller would take the remaining seat on the board. 

In public comments, Keller thanked the county officials and poll workers for their diligence and dedication, and also thanked Hemeyer for her courteousness in “allowing [him] to have a chance to do a recount and determine the true intent of the voters.”

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