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Hartland officials delay local road work while bigger projects proceed

In a construction season in which each new project seems to conflict with those already underway, one local municipality is taking a different tack.

Hartland Township officials say that because the current construction season will be a big one, with both M-59 and US-23 undergoing major updates, they are announcing several  local road projects that had been planned for this summer will now be postponed until 2023.

They added that with major roadways being closed over the warmer months, local roads in Hartland will be seeing increased traffic and congestion. As a response, officials say more dirt roads in the area will receive a limestone cap while Old US-23 will be rehabbed in partnership with the Livingston County Road Commission and Federal Funding in 2023.

They credit the voter-approved “Safer Roads Plan” in allowing the projects will be completed from designated roads funds and not from Township general funds or an increase in taxes.

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