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Hartland High School students select Golden Apple Award Winner

Students at Hartland High School have chosen their favorite teacher for the 2022-23 school year.

Each year, the Hartland High School Student Council sends a survey to students asking them to nominate their favorite teacher for the Golden Apple Award, which according to Hartland Living, this year goes to Automotive teacher, Mr. Dan Trahey.

Students who nominate a teacher must give a reason and at the end of the year, all of the nomination comments are given to every teacher nominated.

Kathleen Hoerauf, Student Council Advisor, hopes it is a little something to put a smile on the faces of all staff at the high school.

Here are some of the nomination comments for Mr. Trahey:

“He’s the best auto teacher, he lets us work on cool things. He buys us amazing equipment to use for our advantage in learning auto as a trade.”

“He was able to help us in our admissions and he was just able to deal with everyone’s shenanigans.”

“He is very kind and respectful to everyone. He is also very good at remembering names.”

“Learned more useful skills in this class than any other class I’ve had.”

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