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Hartland High grad making progress in his recovery after MSU shooting

Hartland High School graduate who was critically injured in a mass shooting at Michigan State University is making progress in his recovery and may soon be able to go home.

The family of Nate Statly, a 2020 Hartland graduate, created a GoFundMe page for the junior at Michigan State after he was one of five students shot and injured during the February 13th incident on the East Lansing campus. Three others were killed before the gunman killed himself.

In an update on the fundraising page, Statly’s older brother Josh provided an update in which he said he was happy to say that Nate was still making progress in his recovery.

“Nate has been on a difficult journey over the course of the 5 last months,” said Josh Statly. “He’s spent time in a few different facilities, all working towards stabilizing his condition and then rehabilitation. It brings me great joy to say that his condition has vastly improved from the last time I wrote to you. Recently, Nate has given us so much hope by demonstrating his dedication and strength during the overnight stay for inpatient rehab. He’s also been talking and laughing again, which has only reminded me how much happiness Nate can bring to a room, even in this situation.”

Anticipating a day soon when his brother could come home from the hospital, Josh said the family has had to make modifications to their home to accommodate Nate’s limited mobility.

“Even though physical therapy carries on, it is likely he will need to use a handicapable-van with wheelchair lift,” he said. “We are asking if any folks might be able to offer us some help in this area. With my parents being at Nate’s bedside 24/7 and managing the house renovations from afar, they haven’t been able to dedicate much time to the searching for such a vehicle. We are hopeful that someone in this amazing community of family and friends may know of recommendations to help us find a van that can help bring Nate to outpatient therapies once we return to our home in Michigan.”

Statly said his parents don’t have much time to be online and are often on the phone all day, so he encouraged people to  message him with any ideas, and he’d be happy get the information to them.

He then offered some final words of gratitude.

“To know that you’ve been thinking of Nate and my family has created a feeling of love and care that is difficult to adequately describe,” he said. “We appreciate you all so much, as does Nate, and I remain confident that the next time you’ll hear from me, l’ll be sharing good news of his return home.”

The page, which is no longer accepting donations, raised over $305,000 for Statly’s recovery.

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