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Hailstorm downs trees, devastates local farm

A storm that rolled through Livingston County Thursday afternoon dumped hail measuring between three-quarters of an inch and two inches in the Brighton, Howell and Fowlerville areas.

Courtesy of Kyle Piers

Many residents reported downed trees and damage to cars and and homes, while local farmers experienced a devastating impact.

The crops at Bentley Lake Farms south of Howell were “completely wiped out,” according to a post on their Facebook page:

“Our farm along with a few other surrounding Farms unfortunately suffered a natural disaster this evening that maybe a lot of you have not even heard about because it was just a small pocket that our farm unfortunately was the center of,” read the post. “Our entire Fields have been completely wiped out, and we will have to start rebuilding tomorrow. We are not giving up and our season will continue but it’s going to look a little bit different this year but we are going to persevere and continue on with 2023 the best we can. Farming is a Gamble and we understand that but we never could have expected this to happen. This has never happened in our farming career and have only heard of things like this.”

Courtesy of Kyle Piers

The hailstorm followed weeks of dry weather that had also been affecting farmers as well as created forest fire hazards statewide.

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