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Green Oak Township Police make several promotions, including first-ever detective

The Green Oak Township Police Department has announced several promotions within their ranks.

Officer Matthew Hughes has been promoted to Detective, while Officers Brittany Besso and Timothy Nisenbaum were both promoted to Sergeant. According to a department release, the promotions allow the department to provide 24-hour supervision while making Detective Hughes Green Oak Township’s first Detective.  

Hughes, who has worked for Green Oak Township Police Department since December 2004, is an Assist Team Leader with the Livingston Regional SWAT Team as well as the Green Oak Police Department’s lead firearms instructor, Evidence Technician and Field Training Officer.

He was also one of the lead investigators of the kidnapping that occurred at Olive Garden in January 2010.

“Detective Hughes has been a fantastic Officer and we look forward to having him in his new position,” stated the release.

Sergeant Besso has worked for Green Oak Township Police Department since October 2015 and is an Operator with the Livingston Regional SWAT Team. Sergeant Besso is also an Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, and a CPR Instructor and is described as a natural leader as an Officer.

“We look forward to having her take a larger leadership role within the Department now that she will be a midnight patrol Sergeant,” stated the release.

Sergeant Nisenbaum has worked for Green Oak Township Police Department since June of 2016 and is a Negotiator with the Livingston Regional Crisis Negotiation Team. He was the responding Officer to the Breaking and Entering of Medawar Jewelers in November 2018, where he was able to locate the suspect and take him into custody after a foot pursuit.

“As a patrol midnight Sergeant, his dedication and commitment to this department will help shape the careers of other Officers as he takes on this new leadership role,” said the release.

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