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Green Oak farmer whose house was vandalized after Drag Queen Bingo controversy, is charged w/ false pretenses

A Green Oak Township woman who said her home had been vandalized following public statements in support of a controversial event last year in Howell is now herself facing charges in the matter.

Renay Gedeon and her husband, owners of Gedeon Farms in Green Oak Township, say their home was vandalized last August with spray-painted racist graffiti left behind.

However, court records show Gedeon is set to be arraigned on March 23rd in 53rd District Court in Howell, where she is facing a single count of Attempt False Pretenses $1,000-$20,000.

The reason for the charge is unknown. Livingston County’s Chief Assistant Prosecutor Carolyn Henry would only confirm that the charge had been filed, but said more information would not be released until after the arraignment.

When contacted by GIGO News, Gedeon declined to comment. Pictures posted to social media by Gedeon last August showed the words “Que” and “KKK” spray-painted on the side of her home and on the garage door. There was also reportedly damage to a fence. At the time, she said she had come home from work when she heard her two dogs begin barking. When she went outside to investigate, she says she found the graffiti. Gedeon said she was convinced that the vandalism was directly related to an interview on WHMI in which she said the potential cancellation of Howell’s Melonfest had unnecessarily become a political issue due to a planned, but later cancelled, Drag Queen Bingo event. Gedeon said that after her interview, she had received many positive reactions, but also some negative ones, including someone driving by her house shouting homophobic slurs. She had no doubts that her house was purposely targeted.

“The house across the street from me is empty. They could have very easily hit that house.” Gedeon says she contacted Green Oak Township Police, who came out to take a report. However, now she is the only person charged in the incident.

It has been speculated that the false pretenses charge was related to a GoFundMe page that was set up to raise money for the couple. But Gedeon said that was done by a customer of Gedeon Farms without her knowledge.

Catherine Lianne, who is listed as the page’s organizer, posted just a day after setting it up that she was closing it and returning the money.

“Now, people are accusing them of damaging their own property, trying to run some kind of go fund me scam, etc.,” wrote Lianne. “This is heartbreaking in so many ways and feels like evil wins again. I have no affiliation with them other then I’m a farmers market customer of theirs and my mom knows the family and has been buying from them for years. I saw wrong and tried to do good. The family is incredibly hurt and upset right now and doesn’t want to accept this money. No bank account was ever set up yet so ill be contacting go fund me in the next few days to see how to send refunds.”

GIGO News talked to one of those who contributed to the account and they confirmed that they did indeed have their donation returned.

A request for comment was made to Green Oak Police Chief Steven Kramer, but has yet to be returned

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