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Grand River resurfacing project delayed in Brighton

Officials in Brighton say that due to delays at the state level, the Grand River Avenue reconstruction project has been postponed until next year.

In an update on the city’s website, “due to issues at the State level, and out of the City’s control, the bidding process for this project took longer than anticipated, and when the project was let in May, the bids received were much higher than expected.”

The update stated that a new round of bids was solicited in July for a downsized project and while successful, procedures at the state and federal levels delayed the awarding of a contract to the point that there were concerns whether there was enough time to complete the project before the end of the construction season.

Adding to the problem were underground utility repairs that needed to occur before pavement resurfacing could move forward.

“Not repairing the two sewers that needed work would be detrimental if they failed after the roadway resurfacing,” stated the update. “Once these repairs were done, the contractor for the road replacement portion felt there wasn’t enough time in the season left to perform all of the concrete replacements and paving without experiencing weather issues that could affect the integrity of the new road.”

Officials then decided that the area west of North Street would have the concrete work completed this year and the concrete work north of St. Paul, as well as paving the entire project would be completed in spring 2023.

The current anticipated schedule shows work beginning in April 2023, with the project completed by July. It will resurface Grand River in both directions from Ore Creek to E. St. Paul Street and between West North Street and Appian Way.

“While the issues moving this project forward have been unfortunate, the result will be a new roadway surface and safer pedestrian access along Grand River. City Staff looks forward to seeing the project through to its completion and appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding,” said officials.


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