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Fowlerville Fire Department officially opens new Station 41

The Fowlerville Fire Department marked a monumental occasion with the grand opening of new Station 41 on Grand River Avenue.

State Sen. Lana Theis was among those in attendance and presented Fire Chief Feig a plaque signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Following the presentation, a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the station.

The process of replacing the old Station 41 started in 2013. In May of 2022 the process began to build the new station and in less than a year, 10 months to be exact, the new station is finally up and running calls. The new station is strategically placed on Grand River for easier access to areas throughout the village and the surrounding townships that are covered by the Fowlerville Fire Department.

Like most new stations, Station 41 has a clean and dirty side to keep the firefighters safe from carcinogens. They also will have extra bunker gear to use after a fire while the dirty bunker gear will go in a red tote located on top of their bunker gear rack until it can be washed. The station also has an exhaust fan that will help draw out the carcinogens from their dirty bunker gear. In addition, the firefighters have a modern gym to workout in, which was donated by a Fowlerville firefighter and her family.

The new station also has a training room for firefighters to learn and have a nice day room to relax throughout their shift.

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