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Fenton teen fights cancer while his robotics teammates band together in support

A local high school robotics team is banding together to support one of their team members who is battling cancer.

Drake Scott

Drake Scott of Fenton Robotics is a sophomore at Fenton High School and co-captain of FRC robotics Team #5114. When he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, the team rallied around him.

Drake received his diagnosis just a week after receiving an induction letter into the National
Honor Society and just a day after he was in the team’s robotics shop working to help program their robot.

“Drake has been part of Fenton Robotics teams for 5 years and his family is a dedicated part of our team as well,” stated a GoFundMe account created on his behalf. “He is our team’s most experienced driver with many wins under his belt. Drake is well loved and an integral part of our team.”

Drake is currently being treated at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, the same hospital where his mother, Karen, was treated for her non-Hodgkins lymphoma 13 years ago. It’s believed that a mutated gene she passed on to her son led to his diagnosis. She continues to battle disease, telling WXYZ-TV that she is doing all she can to remain by her son’s side in his fight.

“Unfortunately, U of M told me that there was nothing more that they had left for me to do. They told me radiation wasn’t an option, so it was time for hospice. And to know me, I am going to die trying,” Scott told the station, which reported that she recently began experimental treatment in Chicago and the mass on her liver has shrunk by an inch.

Meanwhile, the Fenton robotics team has been able to Zoom call with Drake as in-person visits aren’t possible due to his suppressed immune system.

“Drake has been able to watch our competition over livestream, but he has been with us each step of the way,” said the fundraising page. “The students have designed buttons and ribbons, and they even have a large photo of Drake they carry everywhere throughout the competition.”

100% of funds raised on the page will be given to Drake and his mother to help with medical and other bills.

“Our Fenton Robotics teams are asking that you consider donating to this cause. Do it for Drake.”

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