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Event will help organize genealogy research

An event later this month will help those interested in researching and organizing their family history.

The presentation, ‘Organizing Your Genealogy’ will take place at the Brighton District Library on Monday May 22nd from 3 to 4 p.m., will include a variety of ways to make a family tree manageable whether it’s in three-ring binders, on the internet, in file folders, or something else.

Genealogy and Local History Librarian Mark Mullinax will host the program to refine how to work through discovering your family’s lineage. Mullinax is described as being the Brighton community’s “trusted go-to information resource for all things ancestry and local history in his 10 years at the Library.”

“Research may be one thing, but what to do with your research is a whole different skill,” says a press release. “Learn how to make the most out of your genealogy exploration at this special program.”

Registration for ‘Organizing Your Genealogy’ can be made by calling 810-229-6571 or visit bit.ly/BDLGenealogy.

The Brighton District Library is located at 100 Library Drive, Brighton, MI 48116.

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