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Don’t hold your breath for answers to these questions

Here are ten questions that I would like to see asked at this week’s debate featuring Republican presidential candidates:

1. At the start of the pandemic then-President Trump repeatedly said that Covid was going to quickly disappear like a miracle. Was he correct? If not, was he misinformed or was he lying?

2. Unemployment in the United States is at a 50-year low. Why do you think that is?

3. Was Russia justified when it invaded Ukraine?

4. Some Republicans say that Democrats are forcing socialism on the United States. What is your definition of socialism? What private means of production have been taken over by the federal government under either the Obama or the Biden administrations?

5. Do you consider either Social Security or Medicare to be examples of socialism?

6. Was the 2020 presidential election stolen or fraudulent? What proof do you have to justify your answer? Is your answer influenced by your fear of Trump voters?

7.  You have to answer this question with a single word, either “yes” or “no.”: Do Black lives matter?

8. Has the federal debt grown larger under President Trump or President Biden?

9. Not a single Republican congressman voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, yet many are taking credit for the federal spending created by the act in their districts. What do you think about that?

10. Does Donald Trump bear any responsibility for what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6?

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