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Deputies seize animals from trash-filled Hartland home

Authorities say a hoarder situation in Hartland Township led to the seizure of multiple animals and could lead to potential criminal charges.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says that on April 13th, deputies with the Animal Control Division were dispatched to a residence in the 1000 block of Remsing Drive in Hartland Township after an anonymous caller stated that several dogs could be heard inside the residence but were never seen outside.

 Deputies said there was no answer at the door but several dogs could be heard inside, while they could clearly see through the windows a large amount of trash covering the interior of the residence and a pungent smell coming from the house.

Deputies returned later to the residence with a search warrant to enter the property and seize the animals for neglect and unsanitary conditions.  Upon entry into the residence, it was determined that the residents were hoarding large amounts of items and garbage throughout the house to the point the floor was no longer visible.

Deputies seized the four dogs from the residence and are working with the residents to capture the ten cats inside the residence.   All animals were turned over to the Livingston County Animal Shelter for veterinary care and additional follow up.

The case has been submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office for review while the Livingston County Hoarding Task Force Office was notified for resident assistance.  

Animal Control Deputies were assisted at the scene by Deputies with the Uniform Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office and the Hartland Area Fire Department.

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