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Denim Day observance set next week

An event next week will continue local observances of April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

LACASA Center, whose mission is to help victims of interpersonal violence, invites individuals, businesses and organizations in Livingston County to participate in Denim Day on Wednesday, April 26th.

This international event was created in 1999 after an Italian court overturned a rape conviction, stating that because the victim wore tight jeans, she must have helped her assailant remove them, implying she consented. LACASA officials say the message behind Denim Day is that it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, or your actions, there is no justification for sexual assault.


Each year, around the anniversary date of the court’s ruling, organizations, businesses, elected officials, and people around the world wear blue jeans to raise awareness about sexual assault, consent and victim-blaming.

Ways you can help


  • Plan a Denim Day event with your friends or at your workplace and post pictures on social media with the hashtags #DenimDay and #DenimDayLivCo
  • Make a collective or individual donation to LACASA’s Sexual Assault Response Center, which provides all services and programs for sexual assault victims, their families, and their friends at no charge. The setting is private. All services are strictly confidential. Insurance is never involved.

Visit LACASA’s Giving Page to make a donation.

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