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Delays hamper Downtown Brighton Streetscape Project

Work on the Downtown Brighton Streetscape project have run into issues that have put it behind schedule.

According to the city’s website, contractors have run into several buried underground structures and utilities that were not known to exist.

“Additionally, these structures are intertwined with the existing AT&T lines and old gas main, and in some cases, they are encased in cement or cement is very close to them,” said the release. “Unfortunately, the electrical work must be completed first before the irrigation and roadbed can be prepared.”

Another issue affecting the schedule are material delays. Early material delays with storm pipe and current delays of dolomite wall block and electrical panels have resulted in the contractor to search out different vendors to try to stay on schedule.

Meanwhile, Main Street road edge drain installation will continue, while sidewalk removal and temporary sidewalk installation between West Street and Grand River is expected to begin next week after the holiday weekend.

Three irrigation sleeves were installed across the roadbed in preparation for the new watering system. Two more need to be installed near the West Street intersection. In addition, the electrician is tying in the new street light wiring to the existing panel in the Mill Pond Park for the north side of Main Street decorative lights. They will continue on the south side tie-ins when they have completed the north side.

The contractor has also rough graded out the south side of Main Street between Hyne and West and will begin placing stone to prep for concrete placement. As soon as the electrician is done with their installations on the north side of Main Street the road grading and preparation will begin there.

It is anticipated that the contractor will be in next week to start installing the bases for 3 of the 5 new solar-powered crosswalks.


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