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Crosswalks across Grand River at Main Street to be closed starting Wednesday

Pedestrian traffic in Downtown Brighton, while already impacted by the ongoing Streetscape Project, will be further affected this week.

Starting Wednesday, July 12, the Streetscape contractor will be removing the curb and sidewalk ramps on both corners of the west/south side of Grand River at Main Street, making that area unavailable to non-motorized traffic, as the crosswalks across Grand River at Main Street will be closed.

Officials recommend that visitors to downtown use parking lots located on the west/south side of Grand River to access businesses and the AMP.  The closest crosswalk on Grand River is located one block south/east of Main Street at North Street. They also advise that pedestrians should not attempt to cross Grand River without using a crosswalk.

 This work will also require one lane of south/eastbound Grand River to be closed in this area.

 The public will be updated once the work is complete, and the crosswalks and roadway are open.

Visitors can click the link below to the city’s interactive map showing all parking lot locations:


Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact dps@brightoncity.org

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