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Conway Township barn fire halted from spreading to house

A fire destroyed a Conway Township barn Friday morning, although quick action by Fowlerville Firefighters halted it’s spread into the adjacent house.

According to the Fowlerville Firefighters Facebook page, a pole barn caught fire and extended into the home which was an exposure next to it. The house fire was able to be quickly stopped just past the garage exterior wall, saving the interior of the home.

“A fantastic stop for a fire at the furthest northern part of our Fire District,” stated the post. “Unfortunately, the barn and all of its contents were a total loss along with a horse trailer and two vehicles.”

The Fowlerville Area Fire Department was assisted on scene by mutual aid companies from the Howell Area Fire Authority, Unadilla Township Fire Department with station coverage at Main Station 41, Shiawassee Township Hall and Fire Dept. & NIESA Fire/Rescue

The page posted several Aerial Thermal photos from Fowlerville’s Thermal Drone team, while looking for extension of the fire into the roof.

“To give an example of what can’t be seen with the naked eye, CAN be seen with a thermal camera drone,” said the post.

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