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Conlin, Morgan introduce bills to prevent housing discrimination based on person’s income source

A lawmaker whose district represents a portion of Livingston County has introduced a bill designed to prevent Michiganders from facing housing discrimination based on their source of income.

State Rep. Jennifer Conlin (D-Ann Arbor), whose 48th House District includes Genoa and Hamburg townships, the Village of Pinckney and the southeast corner of Putnam Twp. in Livingston County, introduced HB 4062 on Wednesday.

The bill’s language says it will “guarantee full and equal access to, and full and equal use and enjoyment of, residential rental accommodations regardless of a tenant’s or prospective tenant’s source of income.”

In addition, anyone who suffers a loss as a result of a violation of the proposed amendment would be able to recover damages up 4.5 times the monthly rent of the rental unit or units, as well as court costs and “reasonable” attorney fees.

The legislation defines a source of income as including “benefits or subsidy programs including housing assistance, public assistance, emergency rental assistance, veterans benefits, Social Security, supplemental security income or other retirement programs, and other programs administered by any federal, state, local, or nonprofit entity. The term does not include income derived in an illegal manner.”

Conlin submitted her bill along with legislation from Rep. Jason Morgan (D-Ann Arbor) that would also add someone’s source of income to the state’s Elliott-Larsen civil rights act as a factor that could not be used in a discriminatory fashion. HB 4063 would apply to MCL 37.2502, which regulates those engaging in real estate transactions, including real estate brokers or salespeople.

Both bills were referred to the House Judiciary Committee for further review.

Pictured: State Rep. Jennifer Conlin (D-Ann Arbor) and State Rep. Jason Morgan (D-Ann Arbor).

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