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Committee to consider grant application request for LETS facility in Brighton

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners will get another look at a multi-million dollar transportation grant request Monday night.

The Livingston Essential Transportation Service (LETS) is requesting authorization to apply for capital grant funding in the amount of $10 million under the FY 2022 Section 5339(b) Bus and Bus Facilities Discretionary Grant program. The request is on the agenda for the General Government and Health and Human Services Meeting, which starts at 6pm.

According to a letter from LETS Director Greg Kellogg, the 5339(b) program provides approximately $372 million in competitive grant funding for projects that include the purchase of buses and related equipment and construction of bus-related facilities.

The application will include Federal funding of $8 million with a State match of $2 million, for a total application amount of $10 million, which would be used to purchase land and construct a new facility in the Brighton area that would serve as a satellite operations center for LETS as well as a transit hub for Michigan Flyer and other regional transit connections.

This is the third time LETS has requested the grant. Previous attempts were rejected as being too broad, so this request is for a smaller plot of land. The facility was among the recommendations made in the 2019 Transit Master Plan.

Kellogg says the application, which is due by May 31, is the initial step in securing funds and planning for the facility. If LETS is awarded the funding, the agency would then seek Board approval for acceptance of the funds and any subsequent activities, including architecture & engineering, environmental review, and property acquisition.

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