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Cleary University offering “Business Camp” for high school students

Cleary University is offering high school students an opportunity this summer to put their innovative thinking skills to the test in an atmosphere designed to foster personal, academic, and professional confidence.

Innovation and Ideation Business Camp will take place Monday, June 19 through Friday, June 23 from 8:30 am to 3 pm at Cleary University’s Howell campus.

Basic principles of innovation and business will be taught to students during the weeklong camp in which real world problems will be explored, solutions devised with an aim to turn their ideas into a functional business.

“Students will use their curiosity to help build personal and creative confidence and learn how to generate fresh and innovative ideas,” said Latasha Ellis, Cleary’s director of Public Safety and Corporate Sector and co-developer of the business camp.

During camp students will create prototypes and devise marketing plans using the tools of innovation and ideation they will learn at the Cleary camp.

“In business today, leaders are learning how to drive growth in unique ways, often by reinventing internal processes,” Ellis points out. “In our camp, we will teach high school students some of these basic skills to help them begin thinking creatively and innovatively as effective leaders. This is where the attributes of The Cleary Mind start to build that foundation of learning for students. We will use creative and critical thinking, ethical and powerful skills of persuasion, effective communication, and entrepreneurial leadership – all of the traits businesses seek when hiring their employees. High school is an ideal time to begin introducing these skills that students can build upon as they enter college and the workplace,” Ellis explains.

“This camp is the perfect opportunity for young people to get real life business experience, gain confidence through using design thinking, and have some fun while learning!”

Cleary says it chose to offer this grant-funded program “to open the doors to opportunities for youth to make their community footprint,” Ellis points out. “Cleary has a responsibility to prepare young people for the future, whether they attend college or choose a different path.”

Cleary’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Adam Mayhew, will serve as the camp’s instructor.

There are only 25 spots available for the weeklong camp, which costs $75. To register, call 800.686.1883, ext 401 or send an email to lellis@cleary.edu.

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