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Cleary University freshman acknowledged for community service

A Cleary University freshman has been awarded the Wilma Louise Cleary Memorial Scholarship for her outstanding community service.

Each year, Cleary recognizes one student who not only excels academically (must carry a 3.0 GPA or higher) but also dedicates time to helping others through community service. The scholarship is valued at $3,000.

Amelia Jason, a resident of Howard City and graduate of Tri County High School, is taking classes at Cleary’s Genoa Township campus toward her bachelor’s degree in business. She also is on the women’s track and field team for the university.

Students interested in applying for the scholarship must submit an essay describing a personal outstanding community service initiative.

Jason began her community service efforts when she was in second grade and observed an elderly neighbor who was struggling to get around. She began helping her with yard clean up. Until she graduated from high school and came to Cleary, Jason, who provided assistance to her neighbor, including lawn mowing, fall clean up and snow shoveling, also dedicated many hours during summer vacation to local charities and churches.

“These activities helped me develop a strong work ethic and appreciate the opportunities given to me,” Jason finds. “All my life, I have been fortunate to surround myself with great role models who have shown me how beneficial community service can be. It makes the community a better place to live and builds positive relationships. I plan to continue providing community service.”

The Wilma Louise Cleary Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Wilma Louise Cleary who dedicated her life to helping and inspiring others to truly live their lives with spirit and passion. She passed away in 2015. Cleary awards the Wilma Louise Cleary Memorial Scholarship in December.

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