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Cleary adds men’s and women’s basketball teams

Cleary University is making a major addition to its growing sports program.

It was announced Monday that the Genoa Township-based university would be adding men’s and women’s basketball to its athletics program. According to Heather Bateman, senior vice president of Campus Operations and Cleary athletic director, “we feel the addition of these two teams not only will continue to strengthen our competitiveness in the WHAC (Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference), and the NAIA, but it also will improve the student life experience.”

The two teams will begin competing in the 2023/24 season, and they will join the WHAC on a probationary status. Bateman says head coaches will be hired this academic year so they can begin recruiting players.

Prior to the announcement, Cleary was the only WHAC member that didn’t sponsor men’s and women’s basketball.

“We are very excited for what this means for our campus and community,” said Bateman. “In addition to our already established programs, men’s and women’s basketball will only improve our student life experience.  Basketball is a traditional winter sport, and we believe our students will create an environment that makes Cleary one of the most difficult places for visiting teams in the conference.”

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