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Child brings pellet gun to elementary school

An incident Monday involving a pellet gun at a local elementary school remains under investigation.

According to a message sent out by Jennifer Goodwin, Principal at Southwest Elementary in Howell, officials were made aware Monday afternoon that a student brought an unloaded airsoft gun to school.

“The student showed the item to some of their classmates but did not make any threats of violence against our school or students,” said Goodwin. “Upon being made aware of this, we immediately took action and involved our school resource officer. While no threat of violence was made, our team will conduct a thorough investigation into this situation.”

Goodwin concluded the communication by thanking the Southwest students who brought the matter to their attention.

Tom Gould, the Howell Public Schools Director of Communications, told GIGO News that the student involved will face some form of discipline.

“On Monday, August 22, a student at Southwest Elementary brought an unloaded airsoft gun to school and showed their classmates. The student did not make any threats, did not have any pellets with him, and our investigation has found the student had no ill intent in bringing the item to school. The student will face disciplinary action consistent with the district’s code of conduct.”

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