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Cheney endorses Slotkin, will campaign for her next week in Lansing

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has endorsed Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Lansing), and will campaign for the Democrat next week.

Slotkin is the first Democrat to earn the support of Cheney, who recently lost her bid for re-election to Congress after stepping forward as a high-profile critic of former President Donald Trump.

The Wyoming Republican announced her support Thursday morning for the two-term House member and will join her in the Lansing-area for a public event next Tuesday dubbed an “Evening for Patriotism and Bipartisanship.”

Slotkin is being challenged by Republican state Sen. Tom Barrett for the newly-drawn 7th Congressional District, which is centered around Lansing and includes all of Livingston County.

The Associated Press says the race is considered a toss-up by both sides and one of the Republicans’ chief targets in their campaign to win the House majority on Nov. 8.

Cheney and Slotkin both serve on the House Armed Services Committee, and have been vocal critics of House Republicans who have sought to downplay the siege of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Cheney is vice chair of the House Jan. 6 committee, which recently issued a subpoena for Trump to testify.

“I’m proud to endorse Elissa Slotkin,” said Cheney in a statement provided to the media by the Slotkin campaign. “Serving together on the Armed Services Committee, I have come to know Elissa as a good and honorable public servant who works hard for the people she represents, wants what’s best for the country, and is in this for the right reasons. While Elissa and I have our policy disagreements, at a time when our nation is facing threats at home and abroad, we need serious, responsible, substantive members like Elissa in Congress. I encourage all voters in the 7th district – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – to support her in this election.”

For her part, Slotkin welcomed the endorsement on equal terms.

“At a moment when the very heart of our democracy is being challenged, Rep. Cheney’s voice has been critical,” said Slotkin. “I’m grateful for her support in this race and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together to strengthen our national security and America’s role in the world. We all know that our country is going through a difficult moment right now. But throughout our history, two things have helped us weather times like these: engaged citizens and principled leaders, from both sides of the aisle. Rep. Cheney has shown tremendous leadership over the last two years, and while we certainly don’t agree on every issue, I look forward to welcoming her to Michigan’s 7th district next week to discuss the points where all Americans can leave politics aside and put our country above all else.”

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