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Ceremony recognizes Howell Main Street volunteers

The many volunteers who have worked to make Downtown Howell “a great place to live, work, play and stay,” were recognized this past week by Howell Main Street Inc. & the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

The Annual Applause Awards were held on the 2nd floor at Block Brewing with a ‘spring fling’ theme (reflecting upon rebirth, growth, and new opportunities) where outstanding city volunteers and business leaders were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the community.

The winners included Clark Gill, owner of Aberrant Ales, as Volunteer of the Year, which was defined as someone who;

  • Demonstrated outstanding commitment to the downtown Howell.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Main Street and commitment to the Main Street mission.
  • Demonstrated belief in the values of volunteerism.
  • Extremely effective both as an individual and as part of a team of volunteers.
  • Brings people together to support the downtown district, including community partners, city staff, etc.
  • Shows reliability, positively, flexibility and initiative during volunteer work.
  • Passionate for community and mission of the organization.
  • Active and engaged member of a Main Street/DDA committee or project team.
  • Goes above and beyond with projects and tasks, often performing above the requests of staff, committee, team members, or Board.
Clark Gill, owner of Aberrant Ales, Volunteer of the Year

David McDonald won the Mighty Main Streeter Award, which embodies those who;

  • Positively impacts the Main Street area of downtown Howell community through volunteerism.
  • Demonstrated understanding and appreciation for the values of volunteerism.
  • Leads or serves as team member of Main Street projects.
  • Willing to trouble-shoot new ideas or projects with creative and positive approaches.
  • Commitment to Main Street model and general understanding of the importance of community-driven and volunteer-led projects.
  • Supports the central downtown business district with willingness to serve and support on an on-going basis.
David McDonald, Mighty Main Streeter Award

And finally, Shannon Harvey, was recognized as the Downtown Hero, defined as someone who;

  • Resides, works, owns property, or exemplifies passion for downtown Howell.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the entire DDA district.
  • Proven track record of supporting the downtown, providing quality service and or volunteerism throughout the district.
  • Proven examples of creativity, initiative, and effective delivery in volunteer roles.
  • Served as a member of a committee or project team.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to work with Main Street, DDA, City staff, and other community partners.
Shannon Harvey, Downtown Hero

Howell Main Street Inc. C.O.O., Kate Litwin said the awards ceremony is one of the most important evenings of the year, as downtown stakeholders come together to celebrate all those who have shared their time and talents to benefit downtown Howell.

“As a volunteer-led non-profit organization, none of the success that downtown Howell has seen through the years, and especially during the past two years dealing with the impact of COVID-19, could have taken place without all of our volunteers and partners!,” said Litwin.

Anyone interested in signing up to become a volunteer, sponsor, and advocate can do so by contacting the Howell Main Street Inc. office at 517-545-4240 or visit downtownhowell.org.

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