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Brighton’s Main Street to reopen Wednesday from Grand River to Hyne

After months of construction, the City of Brighton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has announced what it calls “a significant achievement in its innovative and transformative endeavor, the City of Brighton Streetscape Project.”

Main Street from Grand River Avenue extending all the way to Hyne Street will reopen this Wednesday, August 16th.

“Marking a pivotal moment in the transformation of the downtown area, a substantial section of Main Street’s principal shopping district has been revitalized,“ stated a press release. “Visitors and residents will have the pleasure of traversing Main Street from Grand River to Hyne, while enjoying an enhanced vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfare.”

The reopening marks the completion of Phase 1 of the Streetscape Project, with remaining phases focused on landscaping, electrical, and the Mill Pond Park expected to reach completion by November. The Main Street roadway and sidewalks will remain fully accessible during this time.

DDA Chairman Tim Corrigan said that while additional streetscape work still remains, having such a large portion of Main Street open to traffic and pedestrians will bring relief to business owners along Main Street.

Steve Pilon, owner of the popular Mexican restaurant, El Arbol at 140 W. Main Street, feels the Streetscape Project will provide a welcome benefit to business owners, residents and visitors over time, stating:

“One benefit being, people with limited mobility and disabilities will now have accessibility to all of the shops, restaurants, and additional green spaces without the fear of something happening because of the previous aging streets and sidewalks,” he said. “We will now have the proper ‘stage’ to host our community events with the atmosphere and appeal to attract larger gatherings and to showcase how amazing Brighton truly is!”

Jeri Kay Thomas, owner of 2 Dandelions Bookshop at 428 W. Main, also shared her excitement for the future of downtown Brighton, observing:

“Brighton Downtown Merchants remain positive and are working together to support each other during the construction on Main Street and beyond,” she said. “We are looking forward to the improvements and updates the Streetscape design will bring to our physical space and the positive effects it will have on the future of our businesses.”

Ken Larscheid, owner of Running Lab at 409 W. Main Street, said he is excited about the future of downtown Brighton and all the features that Streetscape will offer, noting:

“The upgrades being made will add a refreshed backdrop to the high level of customer experience we try to provide in our retail location. Our Tuesday night community group run/walk will really enjoy the enhanced safety features of slower traffic and wider sidewalks,” said Larscheid.

Pilon and Corrigan will be guests this Friday morning at 11am on the Mike & Jon Podcast.

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