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Brighton Streetscape begins to take form

While Main Street in Downtown Brighton looks a bit like a war zone because of the Streetscape Project, with ripped up asphalt and torn out concrete, what it will eventually become has started to take shape.

While the contractor continued removing the asphalt surface on W. Main Street, crews began saw cutting the area where the asphalt will be removed between Grand River and West Street and continued to remove sidewalk and curb at the SW corner of Hyne Street.

Meanwhile, the forms for the proposed retaining wall were set and the foundation for the stairs was poured at the Millpond, while two light towers were set up on Main Street for pedestrian safety. DPW Crews also made signage and placed them in in the following locations to aid drivers to get to downtown:

  • South/eastbound Grand River at Cross Street with a right arrow
  • Westbound Main at East Street, before you get to Main Street, with a left arrow
  • Westbound Main at Grand River with a right arrow
  • On north/westbound Grand River at Liberty with a straight arrow
  • North/Westbound Grand River at Cross with a left arrow
  • At Cross and N. Second with a left arrow

On the agenda for the next week will be removal of the old West Street and Hyne Street raised crosswalks, while the driveway approaches for the Hyne Street Parking lot are being removed and replaced one at a time to allow access into and out of the lot.

Also, the contractor is planning on removing the Millrace sidewalk over the dam area and prepping it for replacement, while the electrical contractor will start installing light pole foundations and the irrigation contractor will be out to start layout and installation of the areas that will be irrigated.

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