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Brighton officials say irrigation moratorium possible if temporary restrictions fail to alleviate water pressure concerns


Residents in the City of Brighton are being warned that a ban on all irrigation may need to be issued if temporary water restrictions fail to resolve ongoing water pressure concerns.

Temporary water irrigation restrictions were issued last Friday, May 26th, explaining that maintenance on the city’s Summit water tower required temporary restrictions on water usage and requesting water customers whose address was an odd number, could irrigate on odd numbered dates, while those with even numbers, could irrigate on even numbered dates.

However, in a Facebook post on Wednesday, officials say some residents are not abiding by those restrictions, which could disrupt repairs.

“Unfortunately we are seeing continued irrigation use despite the previously posted restriction,” stated the post. “Please know that if the restriction does not alleviate the water pressure issues, we will have to issue a moratorium on all irrigation until the tower is back in service.”

Officials say the tower project is almost finished, and they just need another week of lighter usage with full service for the tower expected to resume on June 9.

Any residents with questions are asked to contact Brighton’s Department of Public Works at 810-225-8001.

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