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Brighton officials celebrate grand opening of new fire station

Tuesday marked a historic day for the Brighton Area Fire Authority as they celebrated the grand opening of the newly constructed Station 33 on Weber Street in Brighton Township.

The project began back in 2020 but due to all the delays in the supply chain from covid, it took almost almost 3 years for the new station to finally open in January.

Brighton Area Fire Captain Dave Mourer, who is the Station 33 Captain, opened the ceremony by thanking everyone for coming out and also helping make this happen. He then turned it over to Brighton Area Fire Authority Deputy Chief Michael Evans. Chief Evans explained the great features of the station from the alerting system to let the firefighters know when they receive a call to having a clean and a dirty side of the station to keep them safe from carcinogens. There are also six bunkrooms for firefighters to stay overnight.

Chief Evans praised Fire Chief Michael O’Brian for his tireless work and effort in making the station a reality. Many dignitaries were on hand including State Senator Lana Theis (R-Brighton), State Representative Ann Bollin (R-Brighton) and members from the Brighton Township board.

To celebrate, officials had an uncoupling of the hose to mark the opening of new Station 33.

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