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Brighton & HCMA get tree-planting grants

$105,000 in grants were awarded this year for 33 tree-planting projects around the state, including two locally.

The trees, to be planted along streets and in parks and other public spaces, come courtesy of a program sponsored by the DTE Foundation and administered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and nonprofit tree organization ReLeaf Michigan.

Locally, the City of Brighton will get $1,890 while the Huron Clinton Metropark Authority (HCMA) will receive $4,000. 

“The DTE Foundation looks forward to seeing how our grants and support come to fruition in our communities through these newly planted trees,” said Lynette Dowler, president of the DTE Energy Foundation. “We’re dedicated to protecting, preserving and expanding our state’s natural resources, and our partners like the DNR and ReLeaf Michigan are integral in this mission.”

Project proposals are solicited annually from eligible partners around the state. The next opportunity to apply is summer 2023.  

The DNR’s Urban and Community Forestry program helps municipalities and other organizations promote and manage trees and forests by providing education, financial and technical assistance. To learn about the UCF program, contact Kevin Sayers at 517-582-3209 or visit Michigan.gov/UCF.

ReLeaf Michigan is a statewide tree organization that works to educate the public on the value of trees and how to properly select, plant and maintain them. Communities and organizations interested in volunteer tree plantings or educational events should visit ReleafMichigan.org, or call 800-642-7353

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