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Brighton District Library completes Phase One of outdoor renovations

The first phase of outdoor renovations have been completed on the exterior of the Brighton District Library, the first of two phases that will occur over the coming year.

The current project included improved landscaping and maintenance to the Library’s front entrance and a “learning journey” walkway around the perimeter of the Brighton District Library.

“Our hope is that the learning journey walkway will encourage family engagement and enhance outdoor learning opportunities at the Library, said Cindy Mack, Director of the Brighton District Library.” “In addition to these projects, we will also be adding a drive-through book return near the circular drive that will allow patrons easy access to return their library materials, said Mack.”

In the spring of 2023, the Library hopes to begin the second phase of the outdoor improvement project with the installation of a patio and pavilion adjacent to the teen area in the rear of our building, as well as make improvements to Millie’s Garden, the outdoor garden next to the youth entrance.

“We hope that the redesigned layout and enhancement of these sites will encourage increased public usage. Additionally, we hope these improvements will ensure the long-term viability of our facility as it is our goal to provide the community with a vibrant library that is patron-centric, appealing and welcoming, said Mack.

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