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Brighton City Manager resigns following council meeting

Brighton’s city manager, Nate Geinzer, has resigned.

According to a notice on the City of Brighton’s website, a special meeting has been set for Monday, March 21st at 6:30 p.m. with the purpose “…to consider and discuss the written resignation of the City Manager received on March 17, 2022, and the potential search for a new City Manager. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.”

The nature of his resignation is not known at this point. However, the council meeting held on Thursday night did get somewhat heated over a grant application. Council member Paul Gipson, who was appointed last month to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Shawn Pipoly, argued with Assistant to the City Manager Henry Outlaw about a Facebook post that was made prior to the meeting that stated a grant application would be made to the Land & Water Conservation Fund, which would cover the revitalization of the part of Millpond Park that is between the south-end of the Millpond and Main Street.

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When it came time to discuss for the resolution, Gipson was clearly displeased and asked Outlaw, “I’d ask if you have a crystal ball or speaking to a fortune teller” and asked who drafted the post. Outlaw said he did and asked Gipson to read it out loud. Gipson then did so, saying “City to apply for land and water conservation fund grant” and adding “I read that that as indicating that we have already agreed to pass this. Why would that be posted before we have actually made a decision on it?”

“I’m sorry you feel that way council member,” said Outlaw. “It’s an indication of where we’d like to go.”

Gipson was also upset that the post indicated that the Streetscape project would be going for in 2023, when that had not been determined. “It is staff’s understanding at this time that the Streetscape would be going forward,” responded Outlaw. “If that is not what is actually accurate, then I would ask council to correct that.”

Geinzer twice tried to intervene and was forcefully told by Gipson that it was his turn to speak. “I’m asking questions right now. I’m trying to understand why it is that these decisions have apparently already been agreed to with very little information put into the agenda packet. These are important questions to ask.”

However, following the discussion, the council voted unanimously to approve making the grant application, including Gipson. Whether the spat over the grant application was a factor in the resignation remains unknown.

Requests for comment have been made to both Mayor Kristoffer Tobbe and Councilman Gipson.

Geinzer was hired in January of 2016.


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