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Brighton Area Fire Authority names Firefighter of the Year

The Brighton Area Fire Authority (BAFA) held their annual award celebration Friday night at the Brighton Center for the Performing Arts, culminating with the naming of the Firefighter of the Year.

Sgt. Ian Griffith, a full time firefighter with the authority, was granted that honor. Griffith (pictured above with his family) works at the Dorr Road Station as a Sergeant. Before becoming full time, he was a paid on call firefighter at the Old 23 Station in Brighton Township. Sgt. Griffith serves on the County Hazardous Materials team, and is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the department’s self contained breathing apparatus.

“Sgt. Griffith is a up and coming leader, who truly is an energizing force in the community and fire authority,” stated Brighton Fire Chief Mike O’Brian.

Also announced Friday was the Meritorious Service Medal, which highlights those who serve the community, with continued effort over a sustained period of time.

Only awarded three times previously, it was awarded to Deputy Fire Chief Michael Evans, who has been with the Authority for over 10 years and came to BAFA after serving a career with the City of Novi, retiring as their Fire Marshal.

“DC Evans has tirelessly serviced as the main point of contact on our two recent fire station construction projects, as well as serves as the operational leader for the fire authority,” stated Chief O’Brian. “Over the past 10 years I have seen Mike unconditionally serve our staff and community, responding to incidents at all ours of the day, and not only in our community. DC Evans’ service is so wide, he is quick to help a peer, ensure our planning process is in full swing, and is a true champion of fire prevention both in inspections, public education and much more.”

Friday’s ceremony also included oaths being sworn by new firefighters; Cameron Brighton, Ryan Caroway, Thomas Mathewson, Peyton Stevenson and J. Logan Vollmar.

Three Medical Service Awards were presented. One was for a drug overdose in February of 2022 in which Sgt. Ryan Dennett, Fire Protection Specialist (FPS) Ian Griffith and ENG Dario DeLorenzo were honored for their actions. A second was for an electrocution incident in March of 2022 honoring the actions of APO Jason Wisby, ENG Mika Cherdron and ENG Dario DeLorenzo, as well as Captain Robert Furlong who was given a Medal of Valor. The third award was for an incident last month involving a full arrest naming Captain Lauren Brookins and FPS Carl Crimaldi, as well as City of Brighton Police Officers Evan Sieme, Steven Carlson and Drake Brusseau for their actions.

Certificates of Commendation were awarded to five BAFA members who took part in the MABAS Response to a massive warehouse fire in Menominee last October; DC Mike Evans, Lt. Jim Boisvert, SGT/FPS Brian Gramza SGT/FPS Ian Griffith and FPS Carl Crimaldi.

MABAS, or the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, is a statewide mutual aid response system for fire, EMS and specialized incident operational teams.

Two Unit Citation Awards were also given. The first was for a cardiac arrest last August involving Captain Lauren Brookins,FPS Carl Crimaldi, APO Zachary Watt, ENG Mika Cherdron and Firefighter Cameron Brighton. The second was was for a multi-vehicle accident on I-96 in December in which Captain Ryan Sovey, SGT Kevin VanDerhoof, FPS Jeremy Griffin, FPS Dario DeLorenzo and Firefighter Peyton Stevenson were honored.

Awards were also presented for terms of service with BAFA;


Sergeant Michael Cherdron
Firefighter Bernard Berger

FPS Philip Mattern
FPS Justin Thornton


Deputy Chief Michael Evans
Sergeant Tim (T.J.) Smith
FF Steve Wasik
Administrative Assistant Jean Coil


Fire Chief Michael O’Brian
Captain/Fire Inspector Derrick Bunge
Sergeant Justin Knapp

Captain John Ryan Sovey

Lieutenant Jason Hordos

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