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Brighton alteration shop abruptly closes, leaves jilted customers behind

A Brighton alterations shop has closed its doors, leaving in its wake several unsatisfied customers.

According to a message on the Facebook page of Alterations Unlimited in Downtown Brighton, owner Jasmine Hollon said she had made the “extremely but necessary decision” to permanently close. She also has a location in Mason.

“I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience,” said Hollon. “Please understand that this is the hardest decision I’ve ever made and it has been killing me. Thankyou.”

Many people on Facebook spoke about their bad experiences. One of them was Ciara Michele who said Hollon has her friend’s wedding dress and wouldn’t reply to her friend, even though her wedding is on Saturday.

“No replies to text messages or calls and the doors were closed when they showed up,” she said. “She is a fraud and this business should be closed down permanently! After multiple news reports and horrible reviews, I’m not sure how this woman lives with herself.”

Sam Cullen was another who posted.

“Jasmin is a thief, she has been ignoring me for over a month and has been refusing to give me a refund for the alterations that she never did on my dress,” said Cullen. “Do not use her for alterations.”

FOX 2 did a story last month about customers who were upset with a lack of response and unfinished orders.

“I guarantee their dresses will be 100% perfect and ready for their wedding day,” she told the station. “I guarantee that. I have never not gotten a bride in 28 years. Never had a bride not have her wedding dress on her wedding day.”

However, the problems apparently persisted and now the business has permanently closed its doors. While that is what several people said should happen, it does nothing for those, like Ciara Michele’s friend, who are left in the lurch without completed orders and no answers.

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