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Bottle of whiskey, coins, newspaper & personal letter among 50-year-old treasures revealed in South Lyon time capsule

A 50-year-old time capsule took 15 minutes to open on Saturday at the 42nd Annual South Lyon Depot Day.

Larry Ledbetter, Commissioner of the South Lyon Area Historical Society, several other adult men, and the South Lyon Area Boy Scouts’ Troop 228, working with chisels and sledgehammer, opened the heavy cement vault.

The lid opened, slid off sideways, and revealed two large, tan garbage bags. They were very wet as water had collected in the bottom of the vault. Sanitary gloves were worn as Ledbetter, the scouts and their fathers removed a cassette tape, a bottle of whiskey – Canadian Seagrams V.O. – and a bottle of homemade grape wine dedicated to “E. Everett Perkins”, which had broken open and had a large amount of mold on the top of the opening.

There were also commemorative medallions, U.S. monetary coins, a South Lyon Centennial Coin dated 1873-1973 made of sterling silver, a porcelain Centennial South Lyon, Michigan decorated plate dated 1873 – 1973, a South Lyon Herald Newspaper dated July 13, 1973, booklets that were soaked with water and wine, a red plastic fly swatter, a t-shirt with the city of South Lyon logo, a letter to Wendy, Sherry, and Cindy Harder, from Clarance and Joanne Harder. Other paperwork was beyond recognition due to the moisture.

The items will be on display at the City of South Lyon – City Hall, 335 S. Warren Street, South Lyon, MI 48178. Follow the Historical Society at slahs.net and the city website southlyonmi.org for more information.


All pictures and writings submitted by Suzann C.M. Martin, South Lyon Area Historical Society Director, and Commission Member.

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