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Bollin nurse’s aide bill signed into law

A local lawmaker’s bill to help address the shortage of health care workers has been signed into law.

House Bill 5089, sponsored by Rep. Ann Bollin, (R – Brighton), modifies the requirements an applicant must meet to be granted registration as a nurse aide by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Gov. Whitmer, who signed the legislation into law on Thursday, said it adjusts training requirements without compromising the quality of training, which will help address the health care worker shortage.  

“All Michiganders deserve access to affordable, high-quality health care and by allowing for more nurse aides to enter the field and receive vital training, we’re meeting the needs of the moment,” saidWhitmer. “Addressing these challenges with innovative and bipartisan solutions ensures everyone can succeed in Michigan. I will continue to work with anyone to improve our healthcare system.” 

Details on HB 5089 can be found here

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