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Bible verse calling for death to gay people sent from official district email

An email sent to hundreds of Howell High School students Monday from an official district account included a Bible verse calling for death to gay people.

According to ClickOnDetroit.com, the unsigned email stated “whoopsie, looks like someone forgot to make this uneditable,” included with a Bible verse, “Leviticus 20:30: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

A statement issued by the Howell School District said the email was part of a student mental health survey that had been sent as an editable file, allowing one of the participants to include the Bible verse.

The student responsible for the message has been identified and the district says it will take action appropriate to the student code of conduct.

Here’s the full statement from Howell School District Director of Communications Thomas Gould:

“Today, a student mental health survey was shared with students at Howell High School. Unfortunately, the manner in which the survey was shared allowed any student to edit the form. A student took advantage of this, and edited the survey to include an inappropriate message that was viewable to all students. As soon as the school was notified of this, editing rights were revoked, the survey was closed, and the email was deleted from accounts. The school has identified the student responsible for editing the survey, and will take actions according to the district’s student code of conduct.”

Gould told GIGO News that the survey was created as a Google form.

“When it was shared with students, it was the correct Google form and appeared correctly in the email preview,” he said. “When the student edited the Google form, that changed the preview that appeared in the email to students.”

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