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Arthur Secunda Museum to reopen; seeks volunteer docents

The largest public display of art in Livingston County is preparing to reopen to the public and is looking for volunteers.

Arthur Secunda Museum

The Arthur Secunda Museum at Cleary University in Genoa Township displays the works of Secunda, an internationally renowned artist whose art career began in Detroit in the 1940s.

Known for his brilliant collages, striking graphics and iconic landscapes of the late 1970s and 1980s,  Secunda’s work incorporates a specific kind of color gradation and blending of forms.

Although he passed away in August, Secunda left behind a legacy of more than eight decades of fine art, all displayed on the Cleary campus.

In his memory and as a way to re-introduce the community to his work, Cleary is hoping to recruit a group of volunteers to serve as docents to the museum. 

“Our goal is to have members of our community, staff and students trained docents who will conduct tours of the museum when groups and individuals request tours,” says Brett Rogers, director of Marketing at Cleary.

Docents, who do not need an art background to conduct tours, would be asked to conduct four to six tours a year on a rotational basis. The training will consist of an afternoon zoom discussion with Arthur’s son, David Secunda. He will teach about his father, the techniques he used, and which pieces to highlight during the tour.

Lunch will be provided to those interested in completing the training session. Upon completion of the session, a script will be written, and a few mock tours will be scheduled with the docents so they may practice and perfect their tour presentation.

Date and time for the training session will be subject to volunteers availability and will most likely be scheduled in early December.

Anyone interested in learning more is asked to submit an online application at: https://www.cleary.edu/volunteer-at-the-secunda-museum.

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