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Another Downtown Brighton business closes its doors

Another Downtown Brighton business has closed its doors, this time explicitly blaming the ongoing Streetscape Project that has torn up Main Street.

Total Cluster Fudge co-owner Alisa Shakespeare told the Livingston Daily that the shop at 124 W. Main St. “had a belly full of Brighton,” which she said had “completely screwed” them.

Shakespeare told the paper that because the majority of their business comes from selling products wholesale to retailers like Meijer, Speedway, USA2GO and Costco, they didn’t absolutely have to have a retail storefront.

“My anger is, what if my life, my kids, all depended on this being successful? They are so disconnected from reality. You are messing with people’s lives, their family, for nice sidewalks,”said Shakespeare.

The announcement follows last week’s social media post by the owners of Ginopolis’ Bar-BQ Smokehouse that they planned to close at the end of the month and may never reopen.

Brighton’s multi-million dollar Streetscape Project streetscape project is replacing the more than century old water mains while completely remaking and repaving Main Street between Grand River Avenue and First Street, and Grand River Avenue between St. Paul and North Street.

GIGO News has sent a request for a response about Shakespeare’s comments to Brighton Mayor Kris Tobbe.

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