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Angry steer lassoed back into captivity in Hartland Township

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It was a scene reminiscent of the Wild West on Monday in Hartland Township as a loose steer had to be lassoed back into captivity.

Deputies with the Livingston County Animal Control Division were dispatched on Monday at approximately 2 p.m. to the 2000 Block of Clark Road on the report of a loose and aggressive steer.  The owner reported that while attempting to load the steer for transport it broke free and escaped the property by running through several fences.

Upon arrival on scene deputies were notified that Joe Heaman, also known as “Roper Joe,” had already been contacted. Heaman arrived on the scene with Tilly, a 20-year-old Quarter Horse, and quickly captured the loose steer.

The capture was caught on a drone video that was released by the sheriff’s office, which thanked Heaman for his quick response and highly refined skill set.  

“Joe was able to bring this incident to a successful conclusion as we watched him track, lasso and wrangle the steer back into a trailer with what appeared to be no effort at all,” stated the release.

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