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Amid Huron River Flood Warning, Hamburg officials ask boaters to observe “No Wake” procedures

After Hamburg Township received more than three times the normal amount of rainfall in August, officials are asking boaters to use caution and common sense.

Normal rainfall for Hamburg Township during the month of August is 3.1 inches, but according to a press release, so far this month, Hamburg Township has received 9.35 inches of rain.

“This has led the Huron River to surpass its flood stage and is causing flooding along the river and adjoining lakes. Flooding is especially serious around Ore Lake,” stated the release. “While a formal “No Wake” order has not been issued yet, Township Supervisor Pat Hohl is requesting that boaters observe “No Wake” procedures in the affected areas as water is present in the crawl spaces of several homes along the Huron River and Chain of Lakes and many docks and sea walls are under water.”

Hohl emphasized that wakes exacerbate wave action along the shore and, as shorelines are encroaching onto residents’ yards and over their docks, additional wave action worsens the damage and presents a safety issue.

The township’s Director of Public Safety Rick Duffany, also reminded boaters that under state law (MCL 324.80158) the owner of a vessel is personally responsible for any damage to life or property resulting from a wake or swell created by the negligent operation or propulsion of the vessel, whether or not a formal “No Wake” order is in place.

“The Hamburg Township Public Safety Department will have additional marine patrols out on the Huron River and Chain of Lakes through Labor Day and is asking for the community’s cooperation in reducing damage caused by wakes,” concluded the release.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for portions of the Huron River near Hamburg Township. The river is above it’s 7-foot flood stage and is expected to remain steady through Wednesday and then slowly fall below flood stage by Saturday evening.

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