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Presentation to highlight female lighthouse keepers

An event next week hosted by the Howell Carnegie District Library will celebrate the strong women who literally helped shine a light for others.


Dianna Stampfler, author of Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses and Death & Lighthouses of the Great Lakes will discuss the strong, female lighthouse keepers of the Great Lakes in celebration of Women’s History Month next Thursday, March 24th.


The women that Stampfler will highlight took on the romantic, yet dangerous and physically demanding job of tending to the beacons that protected the shoreline. In all, some 40 women have been identified who excelled in the profession over the years — dating back as early as the 1840s and as recent as present day.


Nearly 70 images of keepers, their families and their lights make up the presentation. The program includes readings from newspapers and autobiographies, as well as handouts including the list of featured ladies and additional reading references for attendees. A book signing will follow the presentation, with copies available for purchase.


The event will start at 7pm in the library’s Meabon Room. No registration required and seating will begin at 6:45.


The Library’s in-person programs are live-streamed on YouTube when possible.
Discover our past virtual program and livestream recordings on the Library’s YouTube channel.





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